The types of food that a person puts into their body will directly affect their overall health. Human beings need a wide variety of vitamins in order to be well. Neglecting these nutrients is very dangerous. The good news is that in the modern world, creating a well-balanced diet plan is perfectly possible.

Food labels will tell the person what essential vitamins the meals contain. It is necessary to come up with dishes that include vitamins A, B, C and E. Iron, potassium and zinc are also building blocks for strengthening the immune system and fighting common diseases.

In recent decades supermarkets have become full of items that are high in sugar. Consuming too much of this substance can lead to diabetes, a debilitating condition. Sufferers may need to take insulin for the rest of their lives. To avoid this, the person should opt for food products low in sugar and saturated fat. Whole grains high in fibre are a healthy option.

The health of the heart may be improved or diminished by different foods. Fruit and vegetables are renowned for their beneficial properties. Oily fish contains omega 3, a fatty acid that keeps hearts strong. Meanwhile, food that is high in salt and fat can cause heart disease if eaten regularly.

It is also wise to pick items that promote strong teeth and bones. Calcium is utilised by the body for this reason as people age. It has been linked with slowing the onset of osteoporosis. This substance is commonly found in dairy products such as milk and cheese. However, dairy may sometimes also be high in fat. Alternative options include sardines, salmon and pilchards.